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Symantec Issues Warning About Another Android Malware

There is an application in the Android Market called “Walk & Text” it was an innovative idea where it would put up a view of your Android devices rear facing camera so that you could see it and text at the same time, allowing you to see what’s in front of you.

According to Symantec, that Walk & Text app was pirated, turned into malware and submitted to several file sharing sites in North America and Asia. The pirated version of the app is is labeled version 1.3.7 however the developers of the original version of Wal k& Text say there isn’t a version number 1.3.7.

Once installed the pirated version of the app displays a text box that says the app is in the process of being cracked or compromised. It also displays messages that say things like “We really hope you learned something from this.  Check your phone bill 😉 Oh and don’t forget to buy the app from the market”  While this is going on the malicious app is mining sensitive information on your phone and sending it back to an unknown server.

The reason for collecting the information is unknown. It’s also unknown whether this is some kind of practical joke to discourage app piracy from the developer themselves.

Source: Cnet

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