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Sprint’s Dan Hesse: Our Target Market Is Shifting To College Students

Sprint's Dan Hesse on stage at CTIA October 2010: File Photo: LLC

Dan Hesse recently spoke at his Alma Mater Notre Dame. Hesse, who has turned Sprint around in his last three years, insists that some of the core values he is leading Sprint with came from his experience at Notre Dame. He graduated in 1975.

Hesse has committed to improving 4G performance on Notre Dame’s campus.

“If there is not great coverage at Notre Dame, I hear it from everyone,” Hesse said. “It may be a selfish perspective, but Notre Dame deserves nothing less than the best.”

Hesse told Notre Dame students that their target market has shifted from Business men and women to College students

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“It is very important for us as a company to reach out to students,” Hesse said. “By serving on the board at the Mendoza College of Business and lecturing a couple of times per year, it is clear [to me] who our target customers are.”

While the word unlimited seems to be dropping off carriers lists left and right, Sprint is still committed to plans that offer unlimited texting, voice and data at different levels. Hesse said that these plans reflect the needs of college students.

Sprint is also going to offer Notre Dame it’s own Sprint ID Pack. Sprint ID Packs were introduced at the fall CTIA show in San Francisco. The ID Packs, pick and choose layouts, wall papers, widgets and apps for Android phones and group them together to make it easier for customers to choose the things they need.  One of their ID packs geared towards the college crowd was the MTV ID pack.

“Notre Dame will be the first university we will be giving this capability to,” Hesse said. “The Notre Dame ID Pack will have everything one may find on the website, including on-the-go access to an InsideND account, CourseWare files and content on Concourse.”

Sprint will use the Notre Dame ID Pack as a pilot for other universities to offer similar services. Sprint ID Packs are available on the Kyocera Zio, LG Optimus S and the Samsung Transform. When they were introduced last fall there was talk about adding them to other devices.  Sprint began sending out invites today for an event at CTIA later this month.

Hesse closed his talk with a few words of wisdom for college students:

“You must choose something you are truly passionate about and something you will work hard for,” Hesse said. “This University teaches its students lifelong ethical values when, combined with hard work, will take you far.”

Source: Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s Observer

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