*Spark for Android Makes your Homescreen a Gateway


I’ve recently found myself dabbling in different types of launcher replacement applications; most of them to no avail as they usually provide an experience very similar to what you’ve typically come to expect from a vanilla rom (a few buttons, maybe a paginator, and if you’re lucky enough a “3d” app drawer).

In an attempt to break the mold, I set out to find something more than just the usual launcher replacement; no, this time I wanted a complete homescreen overhaul. When I stumbled upon Hiplogic’s *Spark for Android, my treacherous journey through the Android jungle came to an abrupt, yet thoroughly fulfilling end.

Spark prides itself on bringing what you need to your homescreen, so you don’t have to leave it to take care of business. You’ve got your weather, sliding application launcher, news updates, deals, twitter, Facebook, and the ability to POST to twitter or Facebook right on the homescreen. Not only is that great for people who like to keep up with the latest news and social networking buzz, but this also eliminates the need to shuffle through programs and widgets on different screens, so you can be more effective with less effort (not to mention in less time).

*Spark also has a dock at the bottom to quickly access your app drawer, phone and browser if need be, while also offering the option of a custom wallpaper to give your *Spark screen a unique feel. But that’s not the only customizations the app offers, because you can completely customize your experience to make it one that caters to you. Do you want Facebook and the weather? Twitter and the news? Whatever you feel you need the most, *Spark can do that for you.

If you’re daring enough to venture onto the Android market and search for Spark, you will be rewarded with a welcome user experience. Whether sense is starting to give you a headache or vanilla froyo isn’t holding you over, *Spark will give you just the jolt you need to kick some, well, spark into your device.

Check out the homepage at www.sparkmyphone.com , and follow @SparkmyPhone on twitter.
Download Via “Spark” on the Android Marketplace.

-Chad Hughes