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Someone In Nokia’s Marketing Department Knows They Made The Wrong Decision

Now don’t get all hyped up thinking that Android is going to be on a Nokia phone anytime soon. It is rumored that Microsoft paid Nokia $1 billion dollars (with a B) to put Windows Phone 7 on Nokia’s smartphones.

Althogh Nokia is going with Windows Phone 7 for their smartphones it seems that someone in their marketing department didn’t get that memo.  This oversized advertisement is at an Orange Wireless store and promoting Deezer on a Nokia phone. It was captured by As you can see from the top of the Nokia phone it’s running Deezer in an Android environment.

Nokia made a bold announcement just days before Mobile World Congress when they revealed that they were partnering with Microsoft.  That was speculated all along when the Symbian foundation closed their doors and Meego has yet to develop any traction.  Stephen Elop the current CEO of Nokia came from Microsoft.

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini went on the record as saying he thought Nokia would have been better off with Android.

Again this is just an advertising error, the way we’ve seen some print ads in the US go out for Android via Verizon with iPhone apps in the picture and the other way around. But of course it’s fun to post things like this.

Source: via Android Community

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