So Swappa It!

With the newest hottest Android devices being released on what seems like an almost weekly basis, there’s got to be one out there that you really want. Since Android isn’t even three years old (at retail) and the biggest uptick in activations starting less than 18 months ago most of us are on 2 year contracts with penalties.  So what can you do with your old phone to get that shiny new HTC Thunderbolt or HTC Evo 3D? Maybe you want the Samsung Stealth or the Droid Bionic or even the LG G2X.

Ebay has become clouded over the years with “dealers” which keep prices for your old phone, almost not worth the trouble.  Craigslist means you have to meet someone in a dark shady alley or Starbucks among 100s of others fighting for their spot at the counter and even harder for their spot at a table. Enter Swappa…

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Swappa is a rather new online site specifically designed to buy and sell Android devices. Swappa allows you to sell or buy your phone with complete listings including pictures, phone details and a spot to put your ESN to exchange after the sale.  Swappa doesn’t currently integrate with carrier API’s for ESN checking but before you complete the transaction a quick call to Sprint or Verizon will tell you if that ESN is “clean” and that it can be put on your account. Much safer than risking a failed ebay sale or buying a phone off Craigslist just to find out you’ve been burned by that shady looking guy in the hoopdie.

For buyers and Sellers Swappa is an easy experience beginning with sign in.  You can use your OpenID account or your Facebook account to log into Swappa.  From there you select whether you are the buyer or the seller and browse the listings to find the phone that you’re looking to buy or sell.

Buyers can see a complete page of Android devices with the lowest and highest prices.  They can peruse listings that have been autofilled with device specs and then seller filled with the details. There’s even a category to let the seller know if the phone is rooted or has Cyanogen Mod on it.

Swappa has everything from OG G1’s to the brand new Motorola Atrix on AT&T

So when you go to buy that shiny new phone, sell your gently used device on

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