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Should Google start a sub company called Google Mobile?

When Google first announced that it would bring an OS for mobile phones people questioned it. We now look back and think what if they never did it how different would things be today. Now lets look ahead 5 years. Google’s Android platform will have taken over phones, cars(in-dash units), TV’s, and who knows what else (refrigerators that tells you, you’re running out of milk and where the cheapest is around you?). That being said Android has outgrown Google.

While I’m not saying Google can’t handle it, it sure can. However to see Android become what i believe it could Google needs to create and put it in its own company. Google Mobile. It needs to act like its by its self not part of Google but have Google looking over it with its money and name behind it.

Before you look at me and tell me how crazy you think I am understand this. Android is being limited by the fact it isn’t its own company.  Android needs to at the same time start closing how open it is not in a way that would prevents users for getting the SDK’s and creating there own versions of it but to guard against Carriers/Phone Manufacturer from butchering it while still keeping it open to the development that still goes on.

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While I do understand the Carriers and Phone Manufacturers wont like the fact that Google pretty much did a bait and move with saying come to us we are open to do what you’d like and then close it. Google has to look at the fact that alot if not all the criticism they received about it being fragmented with users being stuck on a version over a year behind from another, and thus having the end user feel left out and not wanted any more.

In creating its own wing lets say under Google it would have its own structure for CEO’s and follow down the line. While they would all get there orders from the mobile divisions CEO that CEO would still have to answer to people at Google. While doing this they will take heat for closing down the ecosystem in which they boast is open in the end its all about the end user.

The Google Mobile unit of it would cater to anything dealing with the Android ecosystem and what it can do. This is no way something that can be done over night but a long term solution to what will in 2-3 years be a major problem for Google when trying to figure out how to deal with Android and what they are doing with it.

Not only that but now you can open Google Mobile stores all around and not just Google stores where people would come in just to search.

About the writer. Brent F is our west coast event reporter. In addition he used to own his own website.  Brent F is the founder of a new app development company.

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