Scott Pilgrim Vs South By Southwest

Movie Star Michael Cera best known for his role as Scott Pilgrim and many other tween dramas plays bass at SXSW (photo: TDG LLC)

As the interactive portion of South By Southwest came to an end last night there were parties galore. The official wrap up party had a performance by the Foo Fighter’s, there was the Rack Space Rock party, and many others.

After settling in at the Geeky Beach Party thrown by our friends at Server Beach, I ventured down to 6th street for a quick smoke break when there was all this commotion next door at the Bat Bar. Two women ran by saying that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was on stage playing the bass with some band.

It turns out the bass guitarist wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg or his hit movie clone Jesse Eisenberg but in fact it was Michael Cera, or as you may know him, Scott Pilgrim and his band Mister Heavenly.

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