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Samsung Galaxy S 4G On Verizon aka Samsung Stealth V Makes FCC Rounds

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G/LTE Exclusively From Verizon not to be confused with the Samsung Galaxy S 4G Exclusively From T-Mobile 🙂 photo: TDG2011

Wow a lot of FCC news these days.

At CES 2011 earlier this year Verizon Wireless announced the HTC Thunderbolt, The LG Revolution, The Motorola Droid Bionic and The Samsung Galaxy S 4G (now known as the Stealth V).  These four handsets are supposed to be the first 4G/LTE handsets on Verizon’s 4G/LTE network.

We took the picture above at CES which clearly suggests this is the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, however T-Mobile has already released that phone, so it’s apparent it may get a new name from Verizon.

Word from both Verizon and HTC at CES was that the HTC Thunderbolt would be the first 4G/LTE phone on Verizon however with delay after delay and no real legitimate street date available yet, it’s anyone’s guess which of the handsets will make it out first.

More and the FCC clearance after the break

We do know this, Verizon typically gives at least a few days of lead time for online sales. Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead made some pretty bold statements about the iPhone 4 saying that 60% of their sales of the iPhone 4 on Verizon came from online sales so we can’t imagine they’d shut this channel down to the HTC Thunderbolt.

Now at this point it’s anyone’s guess which 4G/LTE phone will be first but this news means the Stealth V is that much closer.

The Stealth V features a 4.3″ SuperAMOLED display
Samsung’s dual core Orion processor
1080p HD video and 8mp camera
Android 2.2
HDMI out

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