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Samsung Galaxy Pro Is The New Blackjack Running Android

First a word: You can always tell how long someone’s been writing tech by their comparisons.. Samsung Hub broke this story a short while ago and we picked it up from Pocketnow.  In about 5 hours a lot of sites will pick it up and most will compare it to Blackberry and Droid Pro, and they should, but hello… Samsung has put Android on the next Blackjack just as they are with the next sidekick.

OK in that little word we gave you most of the story!

Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Pro at a SEA forum event in Singapore this morning. British operator Three will be carrying this device early on and said it sports Android 2.2, an 800mhz CPU, 2.8-inch touchscreen display, 3mp camera, wifi and more.  It also carries Samsung’s Social Hub Premium, sounds like their original Social Hub is getting a facelift.

No official word on whether or not this phone is coming to the United States but we don’t imagine it wouldn’t.

Source: Samsung Hub and Pocketnow

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  1. No the Sidekick 4G is being made by Samsung. And the last Sidekick was made by Sharp.

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