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Samsung Dual Sourcing Dual Cores?

While attending the Samsung Unpacked event at MWC we saw the Samsung Galaxy S II which is going to be a super of superphones.  During the presentation it was revealed that it would have a dual core processor.

Samsung made no bones about announcing that their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 would feature the NVIDIA Tegra-2 Processor.  However their Samsung Galaxy S II was said to have Samsung’s own dual core Exonys processor. Pocket lint has reported that they learned via a product brochure, that the Samsung Exonys processor wouldn’t be available in some regions.

When NVIDIA and Samsung originally announced their partnership to provide the processor for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 NVIDIA also said “companies are also partnering to bring a new Android-based super phone with a dual-core CPU to consumers, for never-before-seen experiences.”.

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As Pocketlint reports, they tried to get a straight answer out of Samsung and NVIDIA reps but were only pointed to the information that said the Exonys would only be available in some regions.  This leaves us with the idea that either Samsung is dual sourcing dual core chips or they’ve got an NVIDIA Tegra-2 phone yet to be released.

All eyes are on Samsung for their Unpacked part II happening at CTIA later this month but we are expecting the 8.9″ version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung’s own dual core processing ability is good enough for Apple as they are the ones supplying the dual processor A5 chip for the Ipad 2

Source: Pocket Lint via Android and Me

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