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Reminder: Verizon Wireless Has Never Given A Date & Today’s Thunderbolt Rumor Of The Day

We skipped yesterday’s Verizon HTC Thunderbolt news and we probably should not have, it was, for some, a wake up call. It was a quick reminder. It was, that Verizon Wireless has NEVER officially given a release date of any kind for the HTC Thunderbolt.

The two tweets above are a little old, but perhaps for the sensationalistic value of the HTC Thunderbolt story everyone except Gottabemobile wrote about them.  The tweets speak for themselves, if you need more commentary click the link back there a few words that says “gottabemobile”. But nonetheless the point is made, Verizon Wireless has not officially given us a release date for the HTC Thunderbolt, so there is no date to push back.  They introduced the phone at CES and although they’ve done some marketing for it they haven’t said ish.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G on Verizon (not the T-Mobile version), The LG Revolution (On Verizon), and the Samsung Infuse 4G were all announced at CES and to date have had no official date either.

Today’s rumor of the day after the break

Verizon posted the HTC Thunderbolt’s VZW Navigator on Friday. As the source piece at Androidcentral reminds us, that doesn’t mean anything exactly as other VZW Navigator’s have shown up ahead of the phones themselves. It seems that Navteq is a little quicker than other vendors.

So this is no strong indication that the Thunderbolt is any sooner than it was yesterday.  We’ve seen so many rumors (again there are so many rumors and no official word). Feb 24, Feb 28, March 4, March 10.

There have been just as many rumored reasons for the delays in these “rumored” dates.  It’s not just smaller sites either, Android community ran this story on Boy Genius Report, CONFIRMING the Thunderbolt’s release day of February 24th, which has came and went.

The delays are now repeatedly from battery life. Our Verizon Wireless ninjas have told us that it’s not just the battery but the handoff too.

Hopefully the HTC Thunderbolt will be out sooner rather than later

Source: Android Central

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