Radio Shack: Trade in Program

Radio Shack is debuting a new Trade in Program with several different phones this weekend. When you trade in your old phone you can get as much as $100 towards your purchase. Check out below for the whole list of phones available this weekend.

  • Sprint HTC EVO 4G: From March 18th-April 2nd, customers will receive a $50 guaranteed trade-in when they trade in their old handset and activate a new the EVO.
  • Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G: Beginning March 20th, customers can receive a $100 guaranteed trade-in when trading in their old handset and using it to activate a new EVO Shift 4G. The $100 trade-in reduces the Shift 4G to $49.99 on new two-year activations
  • Sprint Samsung Epic: From now through March 26th, get this handset for only $99.99 on new activations.
  • AT&T HTC Inspire 4G: Currently priced at $49.99 through March 19th. Beginning March 20th, customers will receive a $50 guaranteed trade-in and activate the Inspire 4G on new activations and upgrades. The $50 trade-in value reduces the Inspire 4G to only $49.99 on new two-year activations and upgrades.



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