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Qualcomm’s SWAGG App Put’s Gift Cards In Your Android Phone

Over the last year Qualcomm has really diversified it’s role in the mobile space. Of course everyone knows that Qualcomm makes processors but lately they’ve been partnering with App developers to optimize the use of their processors and in some cases have their own apps altogether.

Outlier, a leading mobile commerce enabler, is one of those app companies that Qualcomm owns. Outlier’s signature app is called SWAGG. SWAGG keeps your gift cards and rewards cards closer to you and much more organized than all those slots in your wallet.

SWAGG is more than just an app that converts plastic cards to virtual cards. SWAGG enables you to swap values with other SWAGG users. It also supports reloadable gift cards.

You can manage everything from your gym membership card and your petsmart key tag to your JCPenny rewards card and cards to your favorite restaurants.

SWAGG also offers a localized offer/discount program for their registered users. SWAGG has teamed up with over 3000 merchants across the country to offer discounts to their registered users.

Did you forget a birthday and you’re out on the go? No problem, SWAGG also allows you to purchase virtual giftcards from top partners like Live Nation, Wet Seal, American Apparel, Crocs and many more.

Check it out in the Android Market today

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