Poynter Institute Confirms Newspapers Dying

American journalism research firm, The Poynter Institute, has confirmed what newspaper publisher’s have long seen coming. That is that more people are getting their daily news from the internet rather than a traditional newspaper. That point was echoed earlier this year when Ruper Murdoch started an online newspaper published directly to iPad. It was later confirmed that an Android tablet version was in the works as well.

In the most recent study conducted by The Poynter Institute, 34% of the respondents said they get their news online, while 31% said they get their news from actual newspapers. Young adults were the highest in the online category with a whopping 65%.

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The Poynter Institutes’ State of Media report said that local TV news was still the main source of news with online coming and second and traditional newspapers, third.¬† Advertising revenues were inline with the exact same results.

The study went on to say that half of the Americans surveyed said that they get at least some of their news on a mobile device.

The aggressive and very quick news cycle of today means that tomorrow’s front page news is already stale. Some newspapers used to do two editions a morning and evening edition, that tradition has long since left newsstands in the US.

Source: Mashable

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