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PlayStation Emulator Pulled From Market In Anticipation Of Xperia Play Release?

Popular Android PlayStation emulator PSX4Droid by ZodTTD has been pulled from the Android market after 6 months citing content violations. Both PSX4Droid and rival fpse have been popular staples in the market for mobile gamers.

The release of the Sony Xperia Play is imminent, it was shown off at the Sony Ericsson booth at CTIA and at the Verizon Wireless party the eve before CTIA.  Although a date hasn’t been announced our sources tell us we are less than 4 weeks away. Many, including the PSX4Droid developer are suggesting that the emulator was pulled to make way for the Sony Xperia Play and that Sony asked Google to do so.  If that’s the case fpse won’t last much longer in the market.

ZodTTD recently tweeted that a highly anticipated update was on the way.  When he was asked about using a third party app store like Amazon he didn’t want to go that route and make his current users have to start over.

This list of Xperia Play compatible games was issued Wednesday morning to mixed reviews on the internet.  The Sony

PlayStation Suite was announced earlier this year which will put older PlayStation catalog games on the Xperia Play platform.  It’s also going to include a developer portal for developers to work on games that utilize the Sony Xperia Play’s d-pad. However it won’t be ready at launch and gamers will still rely on emulators, of course unless they are are completely taken out of the Android Market.

Source: Pocketgamer

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