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Paypal Sees The Value In Android In Third Paypal X Developer’s Challenege

After last years Paypal X Developer’s Challenge was won by an Android app called iConcession Stand, Paypal has decided to run another Paypal X Developer’s challenge with the focus Google Android Apps.

Paypal announced today that there third Paypal X Developer’s Challenge was now open.

We’ve had great success and seen amazing innovation from the past two Developer Challenges and are excited to narrow the focus of the third Challenge to support the rapid expansion of the Android ecosystem.

Paypal is looking for app developers across the world to harness the power of all that Paypal and their API’s have to offer including: Mobile Payments Library and Mobile Express Checkout.

Although the big prize at last years challenge was $100,000 this Android focused challenge still has a grand prize of $25,000, a second place prize of $15,000 and a third place prize of $10,000.

App developer’s have about 9 weeks to submit their mobile app idea. The ideas are due on May 14, 2011. Mobile apps must be ready for judging by June 3, 2011. Apps must be in the Android market and live by June 7, 2011 and the winners will be announced on June 27, 2011.

To give you an idea of what Android apps fared well in the past let’s look at the last challenge that was held at the Paypal X developer’s conference in October.

The Grand Prize winner was iConcession Stand.

Iconcession Stand is an innovative app that allows the user to submit and pay for orders at concession stands at live events to reduce waiting in-line and streamline efficiency.  The end user can order 2 hot dogs, 2 beers and some fries, pay for it using paypal and go to an express pick up lane at the concession stand. From there the user shows the vendor their completed transaction and voila it’s done.

The other winner recognized and available to Android was Yapper
Yapper, an easy to use WYSIWYG app development took home the Mobile categories top award.  Yapper is an integrated website with an easy to use 4 step process for media, magazines, print journalists, bloggers and anyone else who wants to, can easily make an app for multiple platforms including Android.

For more information on the last Paypal Developer’s Challenge read our wrap up from last years here

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