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Page Turning At Google

Larry Page's 1st Google business card when he and Sergey Brin started searching for Venture Capital

A week from Monday Google Co-Founder, Larry Page, will take over the day to day operations as CEO of Google.  Eric Schmidt will continue as the Executive Chairman which, from what we’ve learned, will be an ambassador type role where Schmidt becomes a top level spokesperson for Google.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Larry Page has already started running the company.  Page has already started a series of daily 1:1’s with Google’s top executives like Jeff Huber who heads up the engineering department and David S. Drummond, Google’s legal chief.

Page has also reportedly started targeting lower level employees as well. He has solicited emails of 60 words from Googler’s to keep him informed of what they are working on and he has also allegedly banned laptops from meetings, that’s ok Larry they will use their Xooms.

Some Googler’s are fearing that Page will shut down projects that aren’t in line with his plans. The Journal reported that Google Health is one of those projects.  On the other hand though Page has said he wants to return things more to Google’s start up days and it seems that Google may let more of their recent acquisitions function as their own individual companies within the big company the way that Android and Youtube do.

According to the report it seems that Google is still not ready to take on the social networking space.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Venturebeat

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