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One More Thing… On the Malware

Everyone was anticipating a “One More Thing” from Steve Jobs today, he didn’t have one but Android Police does.  The story last night that broke on Android Police about the malware in the Android market took off like wildfire.  The affected games were pulled off the market but the main concern was that before they were pulled they had been downloaded nearly 250,000 times.

After searching the interwebs and confirming we were one of the first 4 sites to report on this after Android Police broke the story, we, like the others, started receiving countless emails from Android developers, users, Lookout and everyone else that has a security app for Android, in fact we are going to run a big story on that in the next couple of days.

In Android Police’s tons of email about the malware they got a tip about  a couple more developers who put stolen apps in the market.  These weren’t any ordinary stolen apps though, they were “encrypted and garbled”. Android Police’s resident hack and security specialist Justin spent most of his free time on Wednesday working on getting to the core of what was up with these apps.

Although AP’s Justin said it could take him a few days to get through all of the garbled code he did find one disturbing thing and that was a timer, counting down to what? That’s anyone’s guess but based on the way these stolen and hijacked apps were garbled it could be more nasty stuff.

Android Police put up several notices that they aren’t sure on this. Justin’s contact at Google is downplaying the issue but nevertheless you should read more here.. and oh yeah it may be a good time to get Lookout.

Source: Android Police

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