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Not So Fast, iPhone! Android Is Faster On Web Than iPhone 52% Of The Time

It’s no secret these days that one of the best things for your website to have is a good load speed. The faster your site loads the better chance you have at people engaging in it’s content.  That’s been the trend online when it comes to viewing sites on desktop computers and laptop computers.  The same holds true for mobile views, in fact it’s more important on mobile devices.

Research was published today from Blaze.Io which is a website that tells how speedy a page load is that shows some very interesting data.  According to the study Android dominates at speedy page views. Android didn’t beat out iPhone by just a little bit either. Android loaded pages faster 52% of the time.

To qualify the study Blaze.IO used 40,000 downloads of web pages belonging to Fortune 1000 companies. For the study Blaze.IO used a Samsung Nexus S (Android 2.3), A Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.2), an iPhone running 4.2 and an iPhone running 4.3. Pages were loaded using the same strong wi-fi connection and each page was loaded three times.

The folks at Blaze.IO were actually surprised by the data

We assumed that similar hardware specs and the same WebKit foundation would make iPhone and Android’s browsers perform equally. We assumed that a faster JavaScript engine equals a faster browser. We assumed that 3G would be way slower than WiFi, even under good conditions.
All of these assumptions have been proven wrong when we actually measured those scenarios. Without measuring, you don’t know when and where you need to optimize.

They also found that javascipt performance made no difference on either platform.  The study also showed that iphone was slower on 84% of the sites.  Android was even faster on non-mobile sites.

Although research sites are consistently showing better sales performance and dominant OS trends, this study shows that Android is beating iPhone where it counts in user experience.

Source: Wired

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