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Nokia CEO: Android Is Our Main Competition, S&P Lowers Ranking

Nokia’s current CEO, Stephen Elop, spoke to journalists at an event in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and revealed more of their strategy to turn Nokia around in 2011.  Nokia, although the largest handset supplier in the world, has been loosing critical footing across the globe amidst the rise of Google’s Android operating system.

Elop took a stab at Android and fragmentation by saying “I am a very strong believer in avoiding fragmentation. The industry has indicated repeatedly, that a good idea from an operating platform perspective, once fragmented, becomes far less relevant,”. In regards to what he believes is fragmentation within Android operating system releases, and the wide variety of handsets and tablets available by OEM’s in the Android eco-system.

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Elop has said that Nokia’s new found partnership with Micorsoft and Windows Phone 7 is not designed to compete with other manufacturers who are producing Windows Phone 7 devices but rather Android.

“We believe fundamentally that our competition isn’t with specifically other handset manufacturers today, as much as it is with Android,”

Elop detailed plans to use Windows Phone 7 in their midrange devices while the focus for Nokia’s high end phones is still Symbian. Nokia has reportedly made new investments and innovations into Symbian. He hinted at using new processors, devices and user interfaces.  He also gave a lofty goal of selling 150 million Symbian devices “in the future” how long that future is unknown.

On the heels of this conversation with journalists Standard & Poors lowered the ranking of Nokia’s debt rating one level in anticipation of further market share loss in 2011. S&P feels that Nokia will continue to loose market share until they actually introduce a Windows Phone 7 device, even after that, with the current adaptation of Windows Phone 7 Nokia has their work cut out for them.

Source: Cnet Asia, Mobile Burn

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