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Nielsen: Android Most Popular OS PERIOD

Top ratings and research firm announced today that the most popular smart phone OS is Android. Nielsen just conducted a study of 14,701 Americans and 29% of those postpaid subscribers surveyed owned an Android phone. 27 percent of those surveyed owned an iPhone and 27% owned a Blackberry. Windows Phones had a 10% of the market share.

While IOS and Android continue to battle it out, former staples Palm and Nokia are holding on with dear life.  In this survey Palm had 4% of the respondents while only 2% owned a Nokia device. Nokia is relying on Windows Phone 7 for a comeback.

One of the most interesting facts in this survey data was that 6% of respondents 18-24 had an Android device while only 4% had an IOS device.  The 18-24 set is big for social media, online interatction, text messaging and smartphones overall.  Between 2007 and 2010 Apple had a strangle hold on the college aged consumer. Apple computers traditionally do very well on college campuses and for the first few years iPhones did as well.

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When talking manufacturers HTC came in with 12% of the market while Motorola had 10% and Samsung had a surprisingly low 5% of the market share. For the purpose of this survey HTC and Samsung WP7 smartphones were grouped together.  According to other data and Samsung’s own JK Shin, speaking last month at MWC, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of Android devices in the world.

Source: PC Mag

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