Motorola Xoom WiFi Headed To Staples Also

As we reported at the tail end of last week we are expecting the WiFi only version of the Motorola Xoom to end up at Sam’s Club sometime this month or early next month. Droid-Life is reporting that the Wifi Xoom will be available at Staples as well.

According to Droid-Life’s sources the Motorola Xoom WiFi will be available, or at least formally announced on April 3rd and the Staples staff will begin training on the device on March 23rd. The screen shot above shows that the Staple’s training module will be available starting March 23rd.

The screen shot also suggests that Tablets will be a new product line under computers for the office supply super chain.  The Blackberry/RIM Playbook also shows up with a training module available on March 30th.

The photos in the Sams’s Club story show a price point of $539 for the WiFi only Xoom so we can safely suggest the price will be in the $500-$600 range at Staples.

Over the past five or so years Staples technology department has been rather average with the better office gadgets finding their ways to Best Buy shelves. It’s odd that we haven’t heard reports of the Motorola Xoom WiFi only version ending up at Best Buy Stores.

Are you waiting for a WiFi only Xoom?

Source: Droid Life

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