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Motorola Xoom Receiving An Update: Rooted? Must Roll Back To Stock

The Motorola Xoom is currently receiving a staggered update preparing the Honeycomb tablet for Flash 10.2. Now let’s make sure it’s clear, it’s not getting Flash 10.2 it’s getting it prepared for Flash 10.2, whatever that means. It’s welcomed though as it didn’t take but a couple weeks for this update to hit.

There are also unconfirmed reports that the latest update is offering USB host mode.

The only catch for this update, as was reported with the 4G upgrade happening later, you must roll back to stock if you are rooted.¬† The Motorola Xoom features an unlockable bootloader so that developers can have access to the guts and glory that make up this 10″ beast of Android love.

According to Verizon and Motorola the update will happen over the air while on the 3g network or wifi. If you’re powered off when the update arrives you will be signaled to install it when you power your Xoom back on.

The update is rolling out in stages starting a few hours ago so be patient it will be to your Xoom shortly.

Source: Android Police

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