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Motorola Flip Out and Motorola Charm Stuck At 2.1 Will My Moto Android Get An Upgrade?

Are you one of those owners of a Motorola Charm on T-Mobile or the Motorola Flip Out on AT&T seeing all the Gingerbread excitement, wondering will my phone be invited to the party? Nope! In fact both the Flip Out and the Charm won’t move past Android 2.1.

The one thing we have to say about Motorola is that they are up front when the news isn’t good. They don’t lead users on, once they know they aren’t upgrading a certain device they let the world know via the upgrade list.¬† Now we know that doesn’t help the sting but at least you know and knowing is half the battle.

In case you’ve missed previous reports the following devices in the US are also stuck on their current version of Android
The Motorola Cliq XT (both T-Mobile and Walmart versions)
Motorola Devour (Verizon)
Motorola I1 (Sprint/Nextel)
Milestone (Cellular South/US Cellular/Other Regionals)

Check the rest of the world after the break

We know that upgrades can be frustrating but we’ll keep you posted.

Source: Motorola

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