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LG “Optimus Big” 4.3″ NOVA Display Coming?

Motorola has the Droid X, while HTC has the Evo both are Android phones that pack over a 4″ display and from the looks of it LG will be joining them shortly. Leaked images show an LG phone code named the “Optimus Big” that may be making its way into the Android world soon.

The “Optimus Big” is said to have a 4.3″ display, a 1GHz processor,  T-DMB TV tuner,  front facing camera, and LG’s super bright NOVA Display. Not much else is currently known regarding this super phone from LG. However, rumor is that it should be launching in Korea next month sometime.

As far as the “Optimus Big” making a debut in the U.S., not much is known, but if it does every decide to come this way it sure will make for a nice looking Android phone.


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