Just A Little Fun Stuff… What The Hell Charlie

Ok after the Charlie Sheen app posts clear the twitter scheduler we will lay off, after this.. but here ya go…
In a previous life a lot of my personal followers and friends on facebook know that in the mid to late 90’s I was one of the most popular “clip mixers” you know, blending movie clips with a song from the soundtrack, Secret Garden with Jerry Macquire, Don’t wanna miss a thing with Armageddon, and a bunch of clip mixes around 9/11 that aired on stations around the world and some picked up by the labels for re-issue promos.

I haven’t done one of these in over a decade but here it is…
“What The Hell Charlie?”

and we promise again that after this no more Charlie Sheen.. but yeah the Android Apps, we made relevant. This has Nothing what so ever to do with Android.

WTHCHARLIE-FINAL <– CLick that now download it it’s GNARLY

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