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Is Sprint Unveiling The Mother Load At CTIA This Month?

Tech pundits, and Android fans noticed something this year about Sprint, the nations 3rd largest carrier.  Sprint was absent of any big announcement at CES back in January and last month at MWC we didn’t hear any legitimate Sprint news either.  Sprint did hold a press event and kick off party for the Kyocera Echo in New York last month, but that’s hardly the mother load.

Some may consider the HTC Evo Shift 4G a CES announcement, but not really as it became commercially available the Sunday of the show.

Earlier this year Sprint said that 70% of it’s device portfolio in 2011 would be Android.  The most recent phone announced by Sprint was an HTC Windows Phone 7 device, so we’re do some more Android news right?

Notice the question mark at the end of the headline, indicative that most of this is rumor, but good qualified rumors. What is it you ask?

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Although it’s unclear what exactly the CTIA event will be, Sprint likes to do it big at CTIA. At the CTIA Enterprise show in October Sprint unveiled 3 Android devices. We know that Sprint is said to be working on these 3 devices and here’s what we hope.

The HTC Evo View Tablet: The HTC Evo View Tablet could be the Sprint branded version of the HTC Flyer. There are a lot of Flyer naysayers out there who haven’t actually seen this thing in person, we have back at MWC and at a consumer level, if marketed right, could become a huge hit.  Android enthusiasts and evangelists may not like it but the version of Sense on the HTC Flyer provides a rich, crisp easy to navigate device.  With HTC Sense for tablets on top it doesn’t matter that it’s not honeycomb underneath, at least not to the average consumer. The stylus, maybe a little novelty-ish but it’s highly functional especially for hip business folk!

The HTC Evo 3D- Exactly what the name suggests a version of the HTC Evo with 3D recording and 3D playback.  Infosync reported back in February that HTC was working on a 3D super smart phone at it’s R&D facility in North Carolina with an expected 2011 release date.  With all the illusionist teases for the February 7th Echo event, most thought this phone was the one unveiling in New York, alas we know it wasn’t but could be part of a grand slam at CTIA.

Those two rumors sound pretty good right? They are also to a degree believable. The last one is actually the least substantiated and that is the Nexus S 4G. Neither the Nexus or the Nexus S actually made it to a CDMA version however there are a few industry people that think the Nexus S4G could be in this next Sprint line up.

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Source: Infosync

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