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Ipad 2 Released.. Moving On To Sprint

Sprint was pretty quiet through both CES and MWC and the tech community wondered what was brewing at Sprint.  Between CES and MWC they did have an event in New York City which unveiled the Kyocera Echo the worlds first dual screen Android device, which was met with mixed reviews.

Then, during while the excitement was brewing about the Steve Jobs apple fest (absent of a one more thing) invitations began rolling out for a Sprint event at CTIA in Orlando.

You may remember that at last years CTIA no one knew what was going down but three new Android devices were announced and so was Sprint ID. You also may recall, that up until the last minute, just hours before the event in New York City,no one had a clue what Sprint was unveiling.

The same holds true for CTIA, the Sprint secret keepers do just that and they do it pretty well. So what is Sprint unveiling at CTIA? Who knows but we’ll be there to bring you the goods. What we can tell you is that Sprint themselves said Android would make up 70% of their portfolio this year and the last phone announced was a Windows Phone 7, so more Android? Hopefully. We can’t wait!

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