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iOS 4.3 Launches Today, Let’s Take A Look

According to interwebs reports Apple is launching iOS 4.3 today. Let’s take a look at the features coming to iPhones and iPads.

Personal Hotspot- WOW! Quite a few of my iPhone loving acquaintances (ok I do have some friends with iPhones) have been telling me about this breakthrough feature that “they have”. Personal Hotspot allows you to share your wifi connection with 3 (apparently it supports 5 but rolling out with 3) neighbors.  Android has had this feature for quite a while now in fact it’s rumored that devices like the HTC Unicorn (Thunderbolt) reportedly allows up to 8 wifi connections. Back when Steve Wozniak appeared on the Engadget show he told this convoluted story about how while in Germany he had to get out his macbook to tether to his iPad for internet… hmmmmm

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Multi-touch gestures added to iPad. Now if you have an ipad you can pinch to return to the homescreen, swipe up for tasks and swipe left or right between apps.  We’ve had swipe down for notification bar and swipe up for app drawer, well since the beginning. Now with innovative home screen replacements like Wave you can do those silly iOS 4.3 gestures and much more. Oh and these gestures aren’t just for tablets, nope phones too.

Airplay for third party apps: Android apps like Double Twist and others have incorporated the functionality in Airplay, before Airplay which was introduced in the last iOS update

Safari Performance: Safari has been enhanced with their new Nitro JavaScript engine for faster page loads. Now the stock web browser for Android is fast but Dolphin HD, Opera and the Firefox latest beta release are optimized for speed as well.

New Face Time Icon: really an icon is worthy of a note in an upgrade release? Many of Androids themes for Launcher Pro, ADW launcher and various Roms have a lot of icon variations for a lot of apps.. Oh and Qik and Fring can still be used on 3g

Full Screen iADS: Ok we’ll give them this one. If Apple feels they need the entire real estate of the phone or iPad to catch up with Google’s mobile ads more power to them

Configurable Slide Switch for iPad: Had it since the Galaxy Tab was released.

New Camera Effects: There’s an app for that, or 100 in the Android Market

New Message Alerts: Customizable message alerts have been around in various apps since the beginning.

New Keyboard Layout: Several customizable keyboard apps, Also Gingerbread brought out a new keyboard as well in December 10

New Look for Appstore updates: We got a whole appstore overhaul a few months ago. However the Apple app store is still the one thing we here at TDG wish Android could get up to par with not in apps but categories, and functionality.

There was no word about their new lock screen but it’s coming and if you haven’t seen it you should take a look here, it’s magical!

Still no flash. It’s worthy to point out that this is iOS 4.3, we’re only on 2.3 with all the same features, and before iOS 4.3.

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