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HTC Ranks Highest In Customer Satisfaction Of Android Manufacturers says JD Power


JD Power & Associates, the US leader in customer satisfaction published their report on cell phone customer satisfaction.  Apple’s iPhone ranked first in all areas again.  Things like ease of operation, and physical design were the strong points for the iPhone.

Despite Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak admitting that Android got features first in most cases, phone features were also reported at the top amongst iPhone users surveyed.

On the Android front, HTC ranked number 1. Motorola followed HTC.

Samsung was beaten by RIM/Blackberry, Nokia and Palm. While Samsung is the number 1 supplier of smartphones to the US its apparent from the JD Power that they’ve been plagued by the upgrade fiasco with the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S.

Another interesting fact to come from the JD Power study is that users who use their Smartphone to engage in social media, use their phones more for calls and texts than those with feature phones.

Its also interesting to note that carrier satisfaction isn’t necessarily connected to device satisfaction.  T-Mobile the nations fourth largest carrier consistently ranks first in carriers. T-Mobile concentrates their Smartphone portfolio on Android and does not carry the iPhone.

On the other hand, AT&T, who had iPhone exclusivity until last month, ranked last in the carrier survey earlier this year.

Source: JD Power

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