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HTC Inspire 4G Receives FCC Permission To Unlock HSUPA

AT&T has been hinting for awhile that some of their existing devices would be enabled to have HSUPA, and it looks like they were correct. The FCC has granted HTC permission to unlock the HSPUA feature on Inspire 4G phones, and that can only mean faster speeds. If you look above you will see that a Class II Permissive Change has been floating around the FCC site. HTC clearly states saying  “Now we, HTC Corporation will enable HSUPA function of this product, Smartphone, by software”, but at this moment we do not have a clue when this will happen for you Inspire 4G owners, but hey at least we know it’s coming, right???

As soon as we get more information regarding the unlock of HSUPA, we will be sure to let you know. I am sure many AT&T users will be looking forward to this update!!!

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