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HTC Files Trademark For HTC EVO View 4G, Flyer Headed to Sprint

On Sunday, a day before the big boys started reporting it, we reported that Sprint would be unveiling the motherload at CTIA. In that article one of the high end Android devices that is rumored to be unveiled in a couple of weeks at CTIA is the HTC EVO View 4G, which most (including us) think is the HTC Flyer for Sprint.

The trademark filing tells us that yes the HTC EVO View 4G is coming, hopefully at CTIA.

While a lot of our colleagues are downplaying the HTC Flyer because it doesn’t come with Honeycomb, it’s a 7″ form factor and has a stylus, we actually love this thing for the consumer.  We’ve always said that we are big fans of HTC’s custom Sense UI, and the rebuild they did for the tablet is amazing.  HTC Sense for tablets gives you a 3D feel and puts everything in the center of the tablet. It also has very easy to understand and descriptive widgets, and icons.

The stylus, coupled with the time machine function, the note taking ability and the quick send features are going to be WOWs consumer side (not enthusiast side). The biggest factor with the Flyer is going to be the pricing.

Source: BGR

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