How To Turn 4G Off On The HTC Thunderbolt


The Thunderbolt is officially out and has been for enough time that people are finding things to complain about. Being an HTC phone, one thing people usually seem to mention pretty consistently is poor battery life.

There have been mixed opinions as to whether the battery life is actually really bad, or people just don’t know how to conserve battery properly. One of the things that people, including myself, don’t like about the Thunderbolt is the lack of a clear and easy way to disable 4G. Because this can help battery life dramatically, people have found ways to turn 4G off.

There is a number you can dial on your phone that will take you to a menu where you can disable 4G. If you dial “*#*#4636#*#*”, you are taken to a menu where you can choose whether you would like to take advantage of 4G, or use the more battery friendly 3G antenna.

The default setting you are on is “CDMA + LTE/EvDo”. If you switch to “CDMA auto (PRL) option you use only 3G. There you have it folks. For all of you Thunderbolt users out there this can be a huge way to save battery life. You can switch back and forth at any time, and it isn’t too difficult if you just save the number in your contacts. I know it isn’t the most convenient way, but at least now it can be done until an easier way (preferably the option to do so in a software update) we will just have to be content.

Source: Android Central

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