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Google to close Android, say bye bye to open source

Yes are favorite way to give reasons as to why we rather use a green robot over a semi eaten fruit is about to be gone. As first reported by Bloomberg Business this morning Google is now telling the OEMs that it’ll no longer allow for customization as its done in the past.

There will be no more willy-nilly tweaks to the software. No more partnerships formed outside of Google’s purview. From now on, companies hoping to receive early access to Google’s most up-to-date software will need approval of their plans. And they will seek that approval from Andy Rubin,

For the development community there are no words yet on how this will affect us however for the likes of HTC, Motorola, Dell, and Samsung no more skins above Android. The most interesting part about this is how split the companies will feel versus consumers. The manufacturers will no doubt not want this to happen as they want to differ from each other with either Sense, Blur and TouchWiz. However consumers now will be able to get Android how it was intended and updates when they should rather then 8+ months later like Samsung does.

Over the past few months, according to several people familiar with the matter, Google has been demanding that Android licensees abide by “non-fragmentation clauses”

that give Google the final say on how they can tweak the Android code

While this has been in the TOC for manufacturers its only now that they will start to force it as seen with Honeycomb’s source which they have not released making it impossible for the smaller manufacturers to build Android tablets since without that source code they can’t build a 3.0 tablet. This along with the recent news that the ever popular PSX4Droid has been pulled from the market place with the reasoning of

“We remove apps from Android Market that violate our policies.”

This is interesting as the Xperia Play about to be released could it be the Sony pressured Google to take it down as it’ll be competing with there suit to buy and play games? Other popular emulators are still in the market as we speak. While we know Google touts Android as being open news coming today like this only reinforces what Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop said

“The premise of a true open software platform may be where Android started, but it’s not where Android is going,”

With Apples major conference coming up we can already know what about 90% of the topics they’ll talk about now since they can’t talk about how great there own products are without trying to take shots at Google.

I know for one I’m glad Google is doing this as this’ll help the consumers out so they won’t have to be stuck with an old version of Android even though there phones are just a couple months old. Also this might make it so users can buy a phone with say Blur on it and when they first are setting up the phone it’ll ask you if you would like to install it or not. This’ll also help stop Verizon with Bingifying Android phones

Source: Bloomberg Business

-Written on a Motorola Xoom

About the writer. Brent F is our west coast event reporter. In addition he used to own his own website.  Brent F is the founder of a new app development company.

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