Google Launches Group Messaging App Disco, But Leaves Out Android

 Some of us may have forgotten about Google acquiring Slide last year, but they sure haven’t been wasting time. Google has just released an app called Disco, a group messaging service. Through Slide, they have developed a service that offers another alternative to the already popular GroupMe and Beluga group messaging services, and because the app is “by Google”, some may be a little bias to it. At least until you hear this: Google has released this app for iPhone, not Android.

I know, I know, why would Google release an app for its own mobile OS’s biggest competitor. Well we don’t know, it may be because the Slide is a little partial to the iPhone; it could be they are using the iPhone version to “beta” test it before releasing it to Android users, or it may be for other reasons. Whatever the real reason is, it is out for iPhone right now. Disco will probably eventually come to Android, but until then, many of the people who would automatically jump on board because its a Google service may be a little offended by Google leaving out all of their loyal users.

Disco is a “Google” service, but it isn’t a Google service like Gmail, or Google Talk, or Google Maps is. It feels more like a side project. Disco is a little lacking in the features department compared to its stellar competitors, and its web client is also somewhat simple. With it lacking a little in features, and only being on iPhone, this app may have some trouble getting a lot of people to switch. That doesn’t mean it is a bad app, however. The quickness and fluency of the app gives it an advantage in the speed area, and it also has a deep integration with your Facebook friends, other than that though, this app is just another group messaging app.

Disco has potential, one because its a good service; two because it is made by Google, who is known for having top-notch products. The application may be lacking in features and needs an Android app, but you shouldn’t slam the door just yet. I would keep your eye on Disco for now, and see what Google has in store.

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