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Google Gives Android Devs Detailed Stats On Downloaded Apps

For those of you that are an Android Developer, Google has announced that they will be providing developers with detailed tracking information.

Starting today, March 18th, there is a new dashboard in the Market Developer Console that will provide Devs details on their apps all the way back from December 22, 2010. The Application Statistics will provide Developers with information such as:

  • Installation Performance
  • Charts and tables that summarize each app’s active installation
  • Distribution-Android OS’s, types of devices, countries being used in, and languages.

This information will be updated daily and can help Devs determine how the app is performing along with what to develop next. With this information available to Developers they will be able to make improvements to already released applications, along with preparing for new apps.

The Statistics dashboard can be accessed from the main listings page in the Developer Console.


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