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Get Jar’s Patrick Mork: Despite Android’s Success, Developer’s Still In An Uphill Battle

Get Jar CMO & Mobile Gaming Veteran Patrick Mork

Patrick Mork, the current head of marketing at Getjar and a mobile gaming veteran with nearly a decade in the space ,penned a very thought provoking blog spot last night.  It initially sparked two very different reactions from me at both ends of the spectrum.

First the Android Enthusiast (remember we don’t use the word Fan Boy here) was ready to scour the net with numbers to dispute it. I was also going to point out that in the piece he is critical of AT&T and their inability to sideload apps, while at the same time Getjar announced a partnership last year for AT&T’s feature phones.

On the other hand the professional in me re-read the blog post (and now about 10 times) and realized that as the Chief Marketing Officer of Getjar, with their multi platform experience coupled with his experience in the gaming industry, actually gives the underlying theme more credence.

Before we dive into this, Mork’s experience in gaming has spawned almost the entire last decade (which is a trillion years in mobile space years). Prior to Getjar he handled marketing duties at both Glu Mobile and I-Play.

So here it is.

It seems that everyday a new survey comes out from a reputable form talking about the growth of Android. In the lat 7 days we’ve seen both Comscore and Nielsen show Android as the top mobile operating system in the country.  According to Digitimes 55 million Android units were sold compared to 47 million iPhones.

More devices = More revenue? So far wrong.
According to Mork’s blog and IHS Screen Digest Android still ranks 4th in revenue behind IOS, Blackberry App World, and the Nokia Ovi store.

Mork brings up some valid points in his blog post so please hit the link at the end of this story.  Mork discussed the issue back and forth via email throughout the day. One point that we both agreed on was that Google is free, and everything associated with Google has always been free so the expectation of the end user becomes free.

Mork adds “That part of the issue is people on Market are conditioned to free content. Tougher to monetize.”

Mork pulished some research Getjar did early last year showing that content was the number 3 most important factor when considering a cell phone purchase among Getjar users. In fact in that research content came out ahead of form factor, battery life and screen resolution. To bring serious content to the Android Market developer’s need to make money, to even keep the lights on, and the path to that money needs to be easy for the developer and easier for the end user.

Check out Patrick Mork’s thought provoking post on Android monetization here

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