Gameloft To Release Games In Amazon Market


Gameloft who is known for some of the best games on the Android platform has always seemed a little leery of the Android Market. Often times Gameloft has opted to release their games via download on their website.

Gameloft has decided to use the Amazon App Store as a vehicle for Android users to download their games.  Gameloft CEO Michel Guillemot told Reuters that the Amazon Market was “…more controlled and thus piracy and malware were non-issues…”

Gameloft will join Angry Birds publisher Rovio Mobile in the Amazon App Store.  Amazon actually gains just about as much benefit as both Rovio and Gameloft by distributing their titles.

Gameloft hasn’t announced a date for appearing in the Amazon App Market except for saying “soon”. 

Although there aren’t any numbers available yet the Amazon App Market seems to be taking off.  They’ve been running an app of the day promotion where they give away a premium app each day. The titles so far have included Rovio Mobile’s “Angry Birds Rio”, Glu Mobile’s “World Series of Poker” and Shazam Encore.

Source: Androidpit