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Freak Geeks Offers A Little More Hand Holding On Malware And Security

The writers, editors and owners over at have some useful information on the latest Malware scare and how to fix it, cure it and prevent it from your device.  We don’t usually do this but we wanted to take a moment to explain why we are posting this like this and what the headline means.

Our twitter following is made up of about 50% hard core Android enthusiasts and 50% consumer grade Android enthusiasts and beginners.  The approach has made in this recent malware situation speaks better to the consumer grade Android enthusiasts, after looking over their site, a lot of their stuff does.

Androidpolice has so much great information on the recent malware break outs, their patches and fixes and they always do but we got a lot of emails in the past 72 hours from John and Jane Android user who had no idea what this meant, what they needed to do and if they had it. It was worse than the swine flu.

So here’s what happens when people don’t understand things and then they get sent to sites which, because they are more for the technically savvy, looks like giberish to them, they go to the carrier store and trade for another phone..

NOPE not going to happen there are plenty of Android enthusiasts out there to help you and your phone isnt dead.  SOOOOOOOoooo

Android Enthusiasts, Evangelists, Devs Click here and check out Android Police and XDA

Bob and Mary on their first Android phone, click here this may help

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