Founder Institute is now getting serious

So week two into the Founder  Institute and things have started to get serious. Besides being called out for my pitch(which I admit after going over, it was weak) I was called out by my “team” president for having the weakest idea, even though someone in my very own team still didn’t have any idea what they where going to pitch.

So this weeks mentors to speak were Ken Rutkowski, who besides being CEO and Founder of METal, is also the lead of the LA Founder  Institute. We also had Taryn Rose, who started Millerosas, as a mentor. My personal favorite, and my very own mentor, Simon Mainwaring, the CEO of We First, a social branding and consulting firm,  who after having some, location issues finally got there.

This weeks session was about Start-Up Research and what it takes to actually start up a company. The speeches where very good however Simon’s speech stuck out to me as the top one for this week,

Do the research on your self, define who you are.

Be true to your self and don’t fake it.

We also went over all the different resources in which one can look at online for the different ways to do our research.

At the end of the evening we each had to find a mentor and give them our pitch and then hear them redo our pitch for a better one. I was about to have Simon redo mine however he was then told he could only pick one and already had done one.

After the night was over we talked more about my pitch and how I need to revamp it so those who don’t understand how mobile is progressing would understand it.

Thet pitch that I had, has me in hot water right now as I’m “falling behind” because of it. However after talking to Simon that night and via emails during the week I was able to tweak it to make it more understandable.  Also for homework this week we have to figure out 3 “projects” and then narrow it down to one with a top down model.  This weeks update is pretty small as not as much to talk about but hopefully next weeks will be more interesting.

About the writer:  Brent F is our west coast reporter and founder of Skeleton Labs. He won a spot on the current session of Founder Institute in Los Angeles. Brent is giving us a first hand look into the Founder Institute which has launched some of the most successful start ups in the past few years.

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  1. Its tough I wont lie. But I’m enjoying it though. I really love how the mentors will pretty much speak about anything and are not shy about it. The speeches I’m learning more from then anything or any other place I could ever. The ability to talk to them after/before is also helpful as my pitch has me “under-performing” however after talking to my mentor Simon I think or well I hope that my pitch is enough to be able to stay in. That and how the homework is with some things makes it that I can’t figure out how to do it based on what I’m pitching so that makes it interesting as well

    fishman.brent at theskeletonlab dot com

  2. Keep it coming, Brent. I am in the SF FI spring class so we are at almost the same stage. Cool to see a peer’s perspective…

  3. Hi Brent,

    I’m Sanjay (you know me by my twitter handle smalworld) – just graduated from FI Silicon Valley last Wed – this brings back not-too-distant memories of early on in the process. As Todd said, stick with it – amazing people and advice to be had – you’ll get out of it a multiple of what you put into it. Good luck and we’ll keep reading!

    Sanjay, Founder & CEO Clevrr
    Sanjay at Clevrr dot com
    Clevrr dot com

  4. Hey Brent,

    Todd from BloomWorlds here, we are grads of Founder Institute’s Denver cohort. Stick with the program, keep up with your assignments, and listen to all the amazing advice you will receive. Ping me if you ever want to chat.

    Todd at bloomworlds dot com

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