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For All You Android Zombie Lovers!!!

For all you Zombie Lover’s that have an Android device you must check out this app for your Android. It is ZombieBooth by MotionPortrait, INC.

This app gives you the ability to Zombify yourself, friends, family, and loved ones. Other features included in this app are a wide range 3D Zombie faces by just a shake of your phone, cool animations and sounds, and the ability to share your Zombie photos via email, Facebook, and text message.

One of the greatest features on the phone is when you drag your finger across the screen the Zombie will follow it and attempt to bite at it. If you leave your finger on the screen near the mouth the Zombie will make chewing nosies and you will see blood splatter.

I have to say as a Zombie fan this app is quite amusing and fun to play around with. Check it out and let us know what you think.


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