First AirCell Android Smartphone For Planes???

In the future we may be seeing some Android in-flight phones hit airplanes instead of those clunky huge phones they have at the moment. Aircell, one of the leading aviation-based telecommunication companies, and has developed a new in-flight phone geared towards airline pilots and cabin personnel. This device is running on Android, has a 3.8″ touch screen, physical dial pad, Bluetooth compatibility, and an integrated port for wired headsets. This new device, made by Aircell, will also be able to run on their current systems that are already in place, and will have backwards compatibility with all Aircell Axxess systems.

At this moment we do not know what version of Android this in-flight phone will be running or the price of it, however we have heard that it is due to be released late 2011.

Android is definitely opening up a world of possibilities with its ability to adapted to almost any developer or manufactures needs. This is just one of the newest and innovative ways that the Android OS has been put to use. It will definitely be a pleasure to see what comes in the future.


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