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Exclusive: Yankee Group: AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Good

This morning outside of the Orlando Convention Center thedroidguy had a conversation with the Yankee Groups Carl Howe just as he was finishing up a radio interview.

When asked about AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile for $39 billion in cash and stock the Yankee group analyst said that it was a good thing.  AT&T will become the largest carrier in the nation and with T-Mobile’s towers and the towers of AT&T they will have a robust network.

Howe reminded us that it’s harder and harder to build out towers these days and that T-Mobile has their core markets pretty well saturated.  Of course AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile makes a lot more sense than a purchase by a CDMA carrier because the GSM technology is the same.

The Yankee Group analyst confirmed that AT&T will become the largest carrier in the United States with roughly 142 million subscribers.

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