Exclusive: Kyocera Confirms To TDG,They’re OK After The Quake

As everyone has heard by now Japan experienced the worst earthquake in their countries history in over a century on Friday. While it’s still unclear how many lives were lost, many in Japan are still trying to find their way backs to their homes, and locate loved ones across the country.

Japan is one of the largest electronics suppliers in the world. Two of Android’s OEM partners are based in Japan, Sony and Kyocera.  It was reported earlier in the day that Sony, had for the most part survived the quake. They had one blu ray factory that suffered some damage but had no reports of major injuries.  The Sony world headquarters was used as shelter for Sony employees that couldn’t get home and a second floor auditorium was turned into a make shift shelter for other people in the area.

Kyocera spokesperson John Chier told Thedroidguy that Kyocera was ok, but added a “so far’ to that because they are still assessing the situation.

Chier told thedroidguy; can tell you that our global headquarters in Kyoto, Japan make it through the quake without any damage.  It also appears that our wireless division, with its main Japanese facilities in Yokohama and Daito, was not affected.  On an aside, a team of about 5 executives from Kyocera Communications, Inc. (our North American wireless division in San Diego) was in Japan for meetings and left on flights out of Tokyo less than 24 hours before the quake hit.

Chier also added that in the aftermath of the earthquake Kyocera’s carrier partner Sprint is providing free texting services for donations

• Text “REDCROSS” to “90999” to donate $10 to American Red Cross
• Text “TSUNAMI” to “50555” to donate $10 to Convoy of Hope, Inc
• Text “WAVE” to “50555” to donate $10 to World Relief Corp. of National Assoc of Evangelicals
• Text “JAPAN” to “80888” to donate $10 to The Salvation Army