Eric Schmidt: Mobile Growing Faster Than Predicted

Google’s Eric Schmidt delivered the keynote address at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual leadership meeting last week.  During his address Schmidt predicted that display advertising could grow to $200 billion worldwide up from $9 billion in the United States and $20 billion worldwide.

Eric Schmidt offered up some great results in the mobile ad space.

– Mobile searches related to Chrysler, a Super Bowl advertiser, were 102 times higher after the ad was televised; desktop searches for Chrysler increased only 48 times more than usual.

– For, another Super Bowl advertiser, searches for the brand were 315 times higher than usual. In contrast, desktop searches were only 38 times higher.

– There are more than 200 million YouTube mobile playbacks per day.

– 78 percent of smartphone users shop on their device.

Google gives Android away to OEM’s to put onto their Android devices. Google’s revenue stream for Android is from mobile ad impressions. As more smartphones get into the market place more ads get clicked.  Google also benefits from ads served on iPhones, Blackberry’s and Windows Phone devices.

Source: Search Engine Watch

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