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Cyanogen Mod 7 RC2 Does 150,000 Downloads In One Day

One of the most popular mods to an Android device are the Cyanogen mods. Cyanogen Mod is named after Steve Kondik (@cyanogen) but they are a cooperative effort out many people across the country and driven by the efforts of Team Douche.  The latest version that they have been working on is built around the AOSP release of Android 2.3, Gingerbread.

The latest release candidate, RC2, brings wimax to the Evo, notification profiles and bug fixes.  The cyanogenmod website reports that they are currently feature frozen and gathering bug reports at this time.

Cyanogen says on the website in regards to the 150,000 downloads “This blows our mind and makes doing this all the more rewarding.”

Although Cyanogen Mod provides a bunch of  features, some of the 150,000 downloads must stem from Android users who are growing tired of the runaround for carrier/manufacturer upgrades.

Source: Cyanogenmod

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