Cyanogen Ends Support For G1 and My Touch 3G

Cyanogen and Team Douche have officially announced that after Cyanogen Mod 6.x they are no longer supporting the G1 or the My Touch 3G.

With all the new hardware that’s coming out the rest of this year this is a smart decision so that CyanogenMod and Team Douche can focus on newer phones and newer versions however the G1 was the phone that started it all and there are some people saddened over this announcement, the Mytouch 3g though.. meh

Just for the record you can still download CM6.x for the G1 and the MyTouch 3G they just won’t update them past the latest version.

At this point in time 2 years down the road these guys have worked their butts off on these devices so how about you head over to and buy them a beer or some pizza. The developer’s at XDA will still produce roms for both devices and according to one developer, unofficial ports of Cyanogenmod aren’t out of the question.

Source: Android Police

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