CTIA Live: Jim Cramer’s on a roll


10:09am Cramer asks Mead why his bill is so high, why is he subsidizing big bandwidth hogs

10:11am Cramer asks Delavega if the spectrum crunch played into the announcement with tnobile

10:12am Ralph: yes, their data grew 8000 percent in 4 years

10:13am Cramer asks Hesse if he agrees with De La Vega, Hesse says it doesn’t matter what he thinks its about what the FCC and DOJ think

10:15 Cramer asked Mead if Verizon considered buying T-Mobile Mead said no they didn’t

10:16 Cramer to De La Vega” why do things freeze”

De La Vega: because you have Verizon

10:18 Cramer asks Hesse if 4g is so good why do we need cable

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10:19 Hesse is hedging

10:19 Cramer “will we have one bill for all these devices”

10:20 Hesse “absolutely” citing Sprint is for mobile Clearwire is going more to the home

10:21 Cramer to Mead do you envision a world where wireless will go back to the carrier and not dictated by the device manufacturer?

10:22 Mead: doesn’t think its about any one thing

10:22 Cramer to Hesse Can Sprint afford the iPhone

10:23 Hesse: We can afford a lot of things

10:23 Hesse: Are ARPU is higher and churn is lower. We are going to announce our 22nd 4g device

10:24am Cramer asks about De La Vega about iPhone defection De La Vega says its too early to comment

10:25am Cramer asks De La Vega about WSJ headline

10:26 headline was” is ATT merger bad for consumers

De La Vega said no
Hesse said “Id have to agree with the journal”

Lightning Round:

10:27am Cramer: Ralph, Facebook friend or Foe. De La Vega: Friend

10:29 Cramer asks the Dans about Netflix. Hesse says Friend so does Mead. Cramer asks Mead why doesn’t Verizon just buy Netflix

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