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CTIA: Live From The Sprint Event


2:10PM Evo 3D  uses Qualcomm dual core Snapdragon processor at 1.2ghz

2:03PM Farid Adib going over accolades for original Evo

More after the break

2:02PM Farid Adib onstage now

2:00PM HTC View 4G will have HTC scribe technology which uses the stylus

1:59PM HTC has done a new custom lock screen that gives customers access to their most important functions

1:55PM This makes Sprints 22nd 4G device

1:54pm: HDMI and DLNA on both the HTC Evo 3D and the HTC View 4G. Both devices can serve as hot spots for up to 8 wifi enabled devices

1:53pm HTC View 4G, Android 4g tablet, HTC Sense, Front and rare facing cameras, make or receive video calls, take hi def videos at superfast 4G speeds. Premium internet experience, Email thats flash enabled, 7″ display

1:52pm Dual 5mp cameras for 3D, Gingerbread the “fastest” Android OS available for phones with better battery life

1:51pm Dan Hesse on stage just announced HTC Evo 3D with a 1.2ghz dual core processor

1:48pm they just said 1 minute

1:46pm just a note nothing has changed they’re running a little late


1:36PM They’ve put 2 devices on the stage

1:33PM Sprint reps are now passing out 3D glasses

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