CTIA Live: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski


9:32 mobile broadband is now a commodity

9:36 Genachowski talked about 5G coming

9:37 too many Americans don’t have broadband. 67% of Americans have broadband as opposed to Singapore that has 90%

9:41 Genachowski hasn’t said anything significant yet..meh

9:42 US is undisputed leader in mobile innovations.

Smartphone outsold PCs in 2010 by a landslide

9:45 education, healthcare all have unlimited potential in mobile applications

No app store was open in 2008

Foursquare reaches millions of users

9:46 Mobile broadband has caught on faster than anything else in history

9:49 “Analysts expect a 35x increase in mobile broadband in the next 5 years”

9:50 “Consumers everywhere want the opportunity to roam anywhere”

9:51 “Americans unhappy 911 call center doesn’t support texts.”

9:52 “We are working continuously on upgrading the mobile spectrum”

9:57 Over next 5 years 250,000 US jobs can come from investing in 4G markets

9:59 “I agree, along with CTIA, we simply can’t afford to delay in voluntary incentive auctions”

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